Sunday, 5 July 2015

SMI Gathering 2015 (Aspire, Perspire, Inspire)

Congratulation once again to all the members of 12th Unit as well as 1st,2nd and 31st Coy for emerging as the Overall Champion for SMI gathering 2015!
These are the awards that we had successfully secured during the event:

Modern Cooking Competition               - Champion
Signature Hunt                                   - Champion
Drills Competition                               - Runner-up
Mini Gadget Competition                     - Runner-up
Banner Designing Competition             - Runner-up
Backwoodsman Cooking Competition   - Runner-up
Sketch Competition                             - Runner-up
Best Attendance
Most Supportive

We would like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to the participants and seniors involved in making it into a huge success.

Oh rangers, 
You're so fine x2
You blow my mind
Go Rangers
Go, Go, Go rangers

Come on who do we adore
It's girl guides, 
Go, Go, Go Girl Guides

Who do we appreciate
It's rangers,
Go, Go, Go Rangers

Victory, Victory
That's our cry
 Victory, Victory
 That's our pride
Split that V, Dot that I, Curve that C-T-O-R-Y

 When i say MGS,
you say HOU YEH

Sorakan MGS

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Quotes by Lord Baden Powell

Sports Day 28/3/2015

On the 28th of March 2015, we had participated in the marching parade of our school Sports Day. After weeks and weeks of intensive training,our achievement in the marching parade has paid off all our efforts and hardwork. We were the first runner up among all the uniform units marching contingents! Credits to our teacher advisor, Puan Chew Wai Keng, our unit leader Chong Jia Yu for giving us morale support throughout the training, our commander, Chin Xin Tong who has strained her voice for the sake of the marching contingent and not forgetting the most important people to place us as the first runner up, that is, the marchers. Once again,we would like to take this opprtunity to thank all of the people involved in bringing this glory to our unit.
Check it out! It's our marching formation.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Rangers and Guides Annual Camp 2015

         On the 14th, 15th and 16th of March 2015, the 1st, 2nd, 31st Coy and 12th Unit Rangers had their annual camp. The aim of the implementation of this camp is to provide an attractive outdoor education, which can help students improve physical and mental health, disciplined and live independently.
        The campers arrived at school by 7.30 in the morning and were registered by the committees on duty at the counter outside of 3 Heron. Subsequently the registration, the campers were divided into several groups  and were given briefing on the rules and the regulations throughout the camping by the camp commander, Samantha Chin.

        Then, the campers moved their bags to the upper hall and helped the committees to clean up the school compound. Each group was led by a committee member After cleaning up, the campers engaged in their first group action which was ice breaking. In this session, the members in pairs have to reflect each other’s action as instructed by the hosts, Asila and Chan Yi Wei. Next, the members got to write about other members on the paper on their back. They had a smashing time and got to know their group members really easily during the ice breaking session.        

           After the ice breaking session, the campers had a group dynamics activity, where they had to come up with names, logos and jingles for their groups.  Then, added up the difficult session. It was called the 'Team Building'. In this activity, the campers carried out many activity stations by station. After lunch, we had an anticipating session, which is the advertising competition. Each group was handed an item and required to advertise it. Then, a fun filled game was held. It was known as Prey, Predator where all the campers (Preys) with a piece of coloured paper on their back,  hunt for hidden 'ang pau' to gain points for their group. But, it was not that easy as they had to pass through many challenges. The committees (Predator) were instructed to tear off the paper on the campers' backs and confiscate all the 'ang Pau' they are having and disqualified them.

          The night program was the most interesting. We had our annual event which was the 'Sarong Night'. The groups were asked to perform a dance performance. Each group was given songs from different languages. Adorned in colorful "sarongs", all the groups managed to give magnificent performances. Once this event ended, all the members were served with a light supper before the cinema time. Later, we watched a hilarious movie entitled 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day'.  

        The second day of the camp started off with a light aerobic session led by the Form 3 committees. After breakfast, fire lighting, knots and gadgets, marching and 'panji-panji' session was held. The objective of this session is to display their survival skills. During this session, the campers were guided by the committees. 

          After a few hours, we had refreshment before continuing this session. Then, it was the cooking competition. With styles that rivaled Master Chef’s contestants, the participants started to show their culinary skills. Once the food had been dished out and tested by the judges, they proceeded to scarf down the food. After lunch, mini sports were held. This activities were physically and mentally challenging. Despite all the challenges, each camper strove to emerge as the champion and gave each sport their all.

         After dinner, we had talent time. During this session, all the campers were able to show their hidden talents. Later we had supper, followed by sharing session. During this session, we were given the opportunity to voice out our feelings and opinions regarding the camp. Many participants gave constructive feedback on what the camp had taught them.

          On Monday, 16th of March, it started with another aerobic session. After breakfast, the marching practice was held at the badminton court. The judges deliberated and commented on the marchers, especially their basic grasp of marching.

          Then, a final clean-up session was held before the prize-giving ceremony commenced in the Upper Hall. The winners for this year was…..Group 7. Nur Kartini was chosen as the most supportive participant. The camp ended at 1.00 in the afternoon.